Terms & Conditions for the Promotion: Meet Cretan Restaurants

[v1.1 Last updated: 29/08/2019]

TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF PROMOTIONAL ACTION "allindining.com promotional action Chania - Heraklion"


The company "ALL INCLUSIVE DINING PC" based in Chania at 1a Papanastasiou Street and 8th December (hereinafter referred to as "Organizer") organizes promotional action under the following terms:


Rights and requirements of participation - Exclusions of participation 

In this promotional action the eligible persons to participate, are all persons who are in holiday breaks in the Chania - Heraklion area with limited residence time and have reached the age of 18 or they are at least the age of majority in their state or province of residence, have valid e-mail address, accept unreservedly the present terms and will follow the procedure, which is described below. The promotional action is not open to employees of All Inclusive Dining PC, as well as their spouses and first & second – degree relatives.

The duration of this promotional action begins on 2019 August and ends 2019 August 31st  at 21:00. In order to participate in this promotion, no purchase of products is required.

UPDATE: Due to extension of the promotion and in order to consume the free dinners for the cards activated after the 25th of August their data will continue be active till 15th of September 2019.

Participation Steps in promotional action

Any eligible person may take part in this promotional action with one participation. More specifically, each interested party is invited to:

  1. State his or her Personal Information: e-mail and first name and acceptance of terms in an electronic form.
  2. Additionally anonymously complete a paper questionnaire with the help of the promoter.
  3. Upon completion of the above the participant is provided with an All Inclusive Dining subscription that includes 2 Menus in any of the partner restaurants. Included Menus and Partner Restaurants are as shown at https://allindining.com. The participant shall receive an All Inclusive Dining Card or a Unique All Inclusive Dining QR code that he can use at the restaurants to consume the offered meal menus.
  4. An activation link will be emailed at the email noted in the electronic form. With this link the participant will activate the Card or QR Code and is ready to go to any of the included restaurants.
  5. The offer does not automatically contain a table reservation so the participants are advised to call the restaurant or All Inclusive Dining PC. for a table reservation.      

Participation Validation

In order for a participation in Promotion action to be valid, the participant must electronically signify consent to the present terms and conditions by choosing to activate the RFID card for the consumption of the offer Meals (see steps 1 and 4). All Participants accept fully and without reservation these Terms and conditions while provide their consent, that the personal information they will enter in the Participation Form, shall be used by the Promoter for the purposes of this Promotion action, as detailed below.

Participation in Promotion requires access to the internet by its own technical means. The Promoter and / or the Promote Agency do not undertake any obligation to ensure, assist in access to Internet sites or to provide facilities to any interested party. Access to the Website of Promotion action is only allowed under the terms of operation of the server and the technical and other requirements and specifications of Promotional action. The Promoter considers that each participant owns and has sole control over the e-mail address it declares.

The three hundred (300) first entries that meet the above specifications are considered valid. Once the 300 entries have been completed, a message will appear stating that the 300 entries have been completed, not allowing the participant to activate the RFID card for consuming the gift.

The gift to be awarded by the Promoter in the course of this Promotional Action is defined as above by the Promoter and is excluded from its exchange or redemption in cash.

Change of Terms and promotion end

The Promoter reserves the right to change these terms, to shorten or to extend the duration of this promotional action or to withdraw it with a prior notice by any appropriate means and in general to modify any term of the promotional action with timely notification of the participants through an announcement via https://www.allindining.com

It is expressly stated that after the end date for participation in this Promotion action as above or after any shortening of the deadline or withdrawal by the Promoter, in the event that entries are still received, they will be automatically void, invalid and no longer have any effect on anyone.

Privacy and personal data

The Promoter declares that will keep a list of the details of the participants in this promotional action at its headquarters located in Chania at Papanastasiou Street 1A and 8th December and after the end of this promotional event and the consumption of the gift from the participant by 30/09/2019. Participation in this promotion is an explicit acceptance and consent of the participant for the observation and processing of its data in the context of this promotion, as well as subsequent information on other promotional actions. In the event that the participant has not consented, by completion of the participation form, in the use of and keeping its e-mail in list for later news lettering about other promotional actions, the Promoter is not entitled to communicate with the participant under the GDPR legislation (General Data Protection General Regulation on Data Protection (Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016). The Promoter expressly hereby declares and informs every participant to the promotional action and subject of processing of personal data that has the right to object to, modification and deletion of data kept by the specific provisions of 2472/1997, as well as have the right to have access through an authorized person of the Promoter Company.

 Participants acknowledge and accept unreservedly that the operation of the above web page of the Promoter may be affected or interrupted temporarily due to network problems. In general, participation in promotional action may be subject to changes or interruptions that are fully dependent on the potential of the existing technology on which they are based and which are beyond the control and responsibility of the Promoter who has no responsibility for all the above reasons.

The Promoter keeps no responsibility whatsoever if, for reasons outside of its influence and control, the download of the entries fails or is delayed or, finally, if the data kept by the promoter are destroyed, partially or totally.

Privacy Policy-Personal Protection

  1. All participants further acknowledge, declare and accept expressly and unreservedly that: They accept the terms and conditions of use in full and without reservation and may participate in one (1) only e-mail account
  2. If someone does not accept the terms and conditions of use they should not participate in the Promotional action. Their personality is not offended or diminished in any way by their participation in the promotional action of the Promoter, to which everyone will participate by declaring their personal data. They do not offend personal data or the right of personality or other intellectual property rights of any third party.
  3. They do not infringe any intellectual or industrial property rights of any third party. Provide their consent and authorization to the Promoter to use the first names of the participants and the gifts given to them by viewing, publishing and reproducing on the www.allindining.com site, for the purposes of displaying the promotional action and its results, in social networking media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, throughout its lifetime or even later.
  4. Participants provide consent and authorization for the commercial exploitation of the promotional action, through means and from the participation of the users, without the obligation of prior notification or payment of any form of compensation. They give the consensus to the Promoter to send direct email without being a spam message and communicating by phone, without this being considered as a nuisance of any kind, with reference only to this promotional action. Participation in the promotional action is acceptance of these terms and explicit and unconditional consent from the participant to store, process, publish their first name and gifts as part of their participation in the promotional action and for its purposes and in accordance with are set forth in these Terms and condition of Use, and may be used for the above promotional purposes of the Promotional action and within the scope of these Terms.

Trademarks - Intellectual Property

  1. Participants are reminded and underlined that they do not have or acquire any right whatsoever on the trademarks, names, signs, emblems and other distinctive features of www.allindining.com - All Inclusive Dining PC, or the application code and software.
  2. Participation in this promotion means unconditional acceptance of these terms of participation as a whole.
  3. These terms will be posted throughout the promotional action on the page maintained by the Promoter on the social networking site, https://www.allinidining.com
  4. Caution! This action is not promoted, controlled, managed or associated in any way by the Affiliates (Hotels - Restaurants - Advertising Company etc). Your details are given to the Promoter and not to its Affiliates. The information you give will be used solely for the purpose of fulfilling the specific promotional action.