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Papanastasiou 1, 73100 Chania, Greece


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Kydonias 15, Heraklion

Reservations: (+30) - 2810 - 281488
+30 281 028 1488

Our Story

Cooking on the fire with the ancient hob for the authentic taste and the scents of the raw materials with the copper utensils and the scent of wood. Kneading Dough and love in several doughs and pies. Wild greens from the Cretan mountains, homemade cheese and wild herbs are some of the chosen fillings. The Hairi Cellar made from soil, stone and wood kept and aged homemade wines from grapes collected by hand by the family members. 

#Included Menus

Slow Cooked Lamb

"Palikaria" Salad (Local hand selected legume with fresh tomato, onion, citrus fruit and olive oil lemon)
Lamb on the spit (Slow cooked lamb on the spit served with wild greens)
Beer or House Wine glass

Vegetables in Fire

Fresh Greek Salad with goat cheese
Vegetables in the fire (a variety of fresh vegetables with tomato sauce and homemade wheat, dried herbs and white goat's cheese)
Beer or House Wine glass

Rooster Stew

Cheese Pies on the fire (Handmade dough filled with sweet and sour Cretan cream cheese. Served with local honey)
Rooster Stew (local rooster cooked in homemade aged wine & magiri - traditional fresh cretan pasta - with Cretan dark cheese)
Beer or House Wine glass

Kids Chicken Pasta

Chicken fillet with pasta (kritharoto)
Soft drink

Slow Cooked Pork

Smoked Pork

Wild Green Pies on the fire (Handmade dough filled with fresh greens from the Cretan mountains. Served with a herbs puree with scented olive oil)
Smoked pork (traditional Cretan pork smoked with Cretan herbs. Served with white cabbage and a homemade molasses sauce)
Beer or House Wine glass