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Dine Out at authentic local restaurants, stress free, payless

All Inclusive Dining simply aims to become the best value for money proposal made to date, for a traveller's vacation meals. It combines the budget control of a pre-budgeted package and the authentic local taste, in carefully hand picked local Restaurants, in a stress free, payless experience. It supports the visitor's exploration needs in a destination, by including the best options to dine or have lunch around the visited point of interest, so that she does not need to go back to base.

Dine out!

2019 is All Inclusive Dining "Crete Edition".

This year it is only available for travellers in Chania and Heraklion areas in Crete.
Currently it is perfectly suitable for visitors of Chania City and the areas of Agia Marina and Platanias, as well as Heraklion City, Hersonisos and Malia area, as we have most of the restaurants in those areas. So the scenario covered already is have Lunch at the beach and Dine out downtown.

Dine out!

The Restaurants offering All Inclusive Dining included menus

Ammos & Ilios Beach Bar Restaurant
For Lunch only
Agia Marina, 730 14

Almira Beach Bar Restaurant
For Lunch and Dinner
Agia Marina, 730 14

Enetikon Restaurant
For Lunch and Dinner
57 Zampeliou Str., 73100 Chania

Symposium Restaurant
For Dinner Only
Platanias Center, 73014

Mesogiako Restaurant
For Dinner Only
32 Chatzimihali Daliani Str., 73132 Chania

Oinopoieio (winery) Restaurant
For Dinner Only
46 Chatzimihali Daliani Str., 73132 Chania

Stis Annas Restaurant, For Dinner Only
21 Chatzimihali Daliani Str., 73132 Chania

Dine out!

Get your card at your hotel

You can always buy your package and get your card online, but in order to get your discount, ask for your All Inclusive Dining card at your hotel. If they do not have it, ask them to call us at: +30 6909015856. If they cannot help you, give us a call or write us a message:

You will get your All Inclusive Dining Card and help on how to book your Dining package. Check the packages!

Your Discount code is at the back of your card.

When your hotel employee is creating your subscription you do not need to do anything. If you are buying from use the discount code on the checkout

A cashless experience

Find an included Restaurant near the area you want to explore today. Restaurants on the Map
*Make sure you call us or the restaurant to book before 17:00 if your plan is for a busy hour

Enjoy local tastes in a payless experience:
- The waiter welcomes you and scans your wristband or card (check in scan)
- You choose from the available 3 course menus and enjoy the restaurant’s local food and service
- When it is time to leave the waiter will show you your consumption details and you confirms with another scan (check out scan).
If you face any issue at the restaurant, please call us at: +30 6909015856. or write us a facebook message:

You just need your All Inclusive Card with you. Your Card is NFC enabled, simplifying the experience.

Even though our packages include a full and fulfiling meal, you might need a bottle of wine or something extra you saw in the restaurants a la carte menu. Actually as our partner restaurants are excelent we highly recomend their dishes. In that case you can pay at the Restaurant for the extras. For a fully payless experience we offer the service to charge your All Inclusive Dining account and even get small discounted prices for the extras. If you ar interested in this service
Drop us a line

We have been there and we know that you do not want to commit using our service throughout all your precious vacation days. Even though we are sure that you will be covered with our options, we recommend that you buy daily packages for less days than your complete stay. Our rule of thumb says get it for two thirds of your stay.

Keep some days to decide on the spot as you might want to stay inside instead of having dinner. If you do not go for dinner or lunch or you consume less (i.e. only two people from a group of four actually had dinner) we always automatically push them to the next day. So your subscription shall remain active for as long as you have not yet consumed your paid Lunches and Dinners.

Bottom line if you are in Chania for a week buy our packages for 4 or 5 days and enjoy. If your subscription ends you can always buy more days.
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