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Lunch & Dinner
Traditional flavors of
Cretan and Mediterranean cuisine.
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Our Story

Dedication to tradition, local raw ingredients and the wide variety and combinations of unique tastes in the menu. Cretan diet almost untouched over the centuries, shows its unique flavor and nutritional value. Authentic Cretan Cuisine requires knowledge, as well as special attention to the choice of raw materials.

#Included Menus

Goat + Spagetti Dinner

Pasta with "Anthotyro" cheese
Goat with tomato sauce

House Wine glass

Cretan Lamb Dinner

"Erganos" salad
Lamb with potatoes in oven and "xinogalo" (Cretan sour milk)
House Wine glass

Omelette with Greens Dinner

Ntakos (cretan rust with tomato pure olive oil and mizithra cheese)
Fava Beans
Omelette with greens
House Wine glass

Grilled Vegetables Lunch

Variety of pies (green pie, mizithra pie "sarikopitakia"
Grilled Vegetables
House Wine glass

Kids Chicken Nuggets

Chicken nuggets with fried potatoes tomato and cucumber 

Soft drink